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Welcome,  Dirty visitors to our subscription page.

You are here because you want more from our band than just the music...believe us, we want to give you more. So why don't you join our many subscribers and see what goes on behind the scenes. With a website subscription, you will get access to photos and videos that the band normally keep private.

Please be aware, terms and conditions will not allow you to download or share any content your subscription gives you access to.

Soon, James will be offering online guitar tutorials in his V.I.P ELITE subscription.

These videos give you a step-by-step guide to leaning guitar.

The videos can be watched and accessed at your own learning pace. Subscriptions offered will be basic or advanced, and the price will be reflected in the subscription chosen.

So for a fraction of the price of guitar lessons, you will be able to learn riffs from one of the best Angus tribute guitar players out there on the circuit.